Oh Father

Douglas Dare

A powerful one-take sees DOUGLAS DARE unflinching in the video to his most personal song yet. Through movement a dynamic of control between two bodies is explored, a struggle of attachment and acceptance, an equilibrium symbolising an eternally-recurring cycle. There is an unconscious pull towards the unknown, manifested by a mysterious figure which represents both another side of the self and abandon to an other. Opposing forces; a binary of interdependence.


Music Video _ 17

Label: Erased Tapes

Direction: OUROBOROS

Production: OUROBOROS

Cinematographer: Péter Garajszki

Focus: Bastian Kempf

1st AD: Camila Chaves

Production Assistant: Alexandru Schiau

Post: Ouroboros

Cast: Douglas Dare, Christopher Paepke

Special thanks: Nicole Kästner, EX ENSŌ

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