Line of Fire

Booka Shade ft. Karin Park

Line of Fire

Booka Shade ft. Karin Park

There’s a fire in the room. LINE OF FIRE for Booka Shade ft. Karin Park plays out in reverse, amplifying the strangeness of movement while we realise the figures are nonhuman, at the same time they are discovering their sensuality by exploring touch with one another.

Music Video _ 2015

Label: Embassy One

Direction: OUROBOROS

Production: OUROBOROS

Cinematographer: Michael Kinsella-Perks

Gaffer: Grzegorz Krzeszowiec

Spark: Lars Bronseth

Loader: Ryan Pete Wade

Focus: Julian Sharma

DIT: Irrum Khan

Runners: Demetris Michaelides & Jaime Gill

Hair & Make-up: Dalma Podhorányi

Prosthetics: Myriam Tillson

Garments: Simon Preen

Cast: Eleftheria Tzamtzi, Jordan Crawford, Nauen Park, Linus Karp

Post: Ouroboros

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