Refining Content

Liam Hodges x Trust Ltd

Shot at the temporary fashion event REFINING CONTENT by Liam Hodges in collaboration with Trust Ltd.

“I wanted to create the atmosphere that everyone knows when you don’t feel like going out on a Friday evening and instead invite friends to hang out,” explains Hodges. Anyone who knows the designer’s work knows that this setting is like a fist to the eye. His fashion fits: Bringing together things that don’t really belong together, changing them, breaking their look and feel, playing with details in order to create something completely different. “These are all vintage furniture that we have gradually bought. Of course everything was planned for months, but then everything was created here in just a few days. You can also see the dirt lying around because we sawed and constructed, but that’s what always excites me: these unpredictable clashes.” i-D


Fashion Film _ ss17

Direction: OUROBOROS

Production: Andrew Grüne, Darryl Natale, Jeane-Salomé Rochat

Cinematographer: Nikolas Kasinos

Set Design: Richard Whittle

Post: Ouroboros

Music: Maxwell Owin

Special thanks: Kristina Jovanonic, Nicky McCann

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