INSIDE is a short concept film by Ouroboros which studies the friction between volume and silence.

Within a vast brutalist environment, two figures follow a utilitarian routine of dystopian uniformity. A contradiction of the urban social habitat, being together and yet alone, shows how human relationships and behavioural patterns can adapt to form new capacities of existence.

INSIDE now feels strikingly relevant with the current social distancing measures. Here, social isolation is the new order, in which human contact has been displaced by the mechanical functions of civil service.


Short Film _ 19


Co-Production: Darkbright [Panamono]

Cinematographer: Péter Garajszki

Gaffer: Christoph Neuhaus

Stylist: Halla Farhat

Hair & Makeup: Nicholas Serenio

Cast: Dorothea Tomsits, Saeam Kwoon

Shoes: Trippen

Post: Ouroboros

Colourist: Valerio Liberatore

Sound: Cataracts By Objekt [PAN]

Commissioned By Cap74024, Produced For The Posther In Co-Production With Fashion Channel & Iso Produzioni Milan

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