Relief Development

Cottweiler x Trust Ltd

Relief Development

Cottweiler x Trust Ltd

‘Staged in front of an intimate audience within the minimal tiled interior of new art and commerce space Trust Ltd, their performance openly referenced the Hare Krishnas, whose spirituality and uniformity underpinned the SS16 collection. For the piece, three models with shaved heads sat bathed in warm light and smoke, cross-legged on a square of terracotta carpet. They all wore SS16’s jersey sweatshirts and trousers, with matching sweaters tied across the body mimicking the draping and shapes of the Krishnas’ garments.

Ceremonial tropes were repurposed – holi powder was brushed over a metal engraving of the conch shell, which holds great importance in Hinduism and Buddhism; incense burned, singing bowls and gongs reverberated through the space. The effect was powerful and meditative, and the pace slow, like an anti-catwalk show. It was a contemporary take on age-old traditions, but through Cottweiler’s studied approach it honoured rather than mimicked spirituality’ – Dazed

Selected for Milan Fashion Film Festival 2016.


Fashion Film _ SS16

Direction: OUROBOROS

Art Direction: Niklas Bildstein Zaar

Cinematographer: Nikolas Kasinos

Post: Ouroboros

Music: Panthamilk

Models: Cem Dukka, Ronald Rose, Tomaso

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