Through This Collapse


THROUGH THIS COLLAPSE is a music video for Zanias – which explores the duality that comes with the collapse; the symbiotic cycle of disintegration and assimilation. In the act of surrendering everything in order to regain control, empowerment manifests through vulnerability.

‘Zanias is a cosmic starchild in her space-folding singularity of a video for Through This Collapse’ Post-Punk

Zanias is both master and slave to the elements, in this conceptual universe, a supernatural void-space which fuses the micro and macro together to form a new dimension. 


Music Video _ 17

Direction: OUROBOROS

Production: OUROBOROS

Cinematographer: Johan Planefeldt

Gaffer: Robert De Koning

1st AD: Camila Chaves

Stylist: Andrei Yakovlev Mich

Hair & Makeup: Hermes Pittakos

Garments: UY Studio, Melissa Tofton, Degenerotica, Andrei Yakovlev Mich, Gareth PugH

Post: Ouroboros

3D Scan: figurenWERK

Animation: Blør, Matthieu Chauvirey

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