Fragmented moments abstracted in time form a visual relationship between three people that is entirely suggestive and always evasive. An impossible collective memory, the experience of a place through colliding perspectives. An observation of human paradigms through movement – reflecting the disjointed structure and melancholic atmosphere of BRONTOS, from the narrative to the environment.

Decaying forts stand isolated and contemplative on the beach, rhythmically being submerged by water. The desolate peninsula bears these constructs as scars of its past: for over a century war defences on the Isle of Grain had protected London and the UK. Now reclaimed by nature, they have become part of the vast marshland environment. A metaphor for protective mechanisms and the remains of human relationships, the island’s volatile history of disturbance and the evident relics of battle were deployed as another character stranded in time.


Music Video _ 15

Label: Icons Creating Evil Art



Cast: Ricardo Santos, Sanuye Shoteka, Nissa Marie


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