Now You May Tell That I’ve Been Seen By You [Trauma]

A fashion event at new hybrid art space Trauma Bar und Kino, Berlin [] on Nov 24

Four emerging fashion designers from Berlin showcase their varied, gender free collections in the intimate framework of a fluid and versatile performance: Don Aretino, Maria Miottke, Olga, Khristolyubova, Johanna Liebel.

The inner struggle of us all humans today is questioned in an wide range of topics: from Vulnerability to Fear; from Disappearance to raw Hope and Desire. The myth of Diana and Actaeon outlines this show; a venture into the conflicts inhabiting human nature at it’s most fundamental level. As the inner conflict takes over the body, as words become ranting, as behaviour becomes rage, the fully rounded human being is shining trough in all it’s complexity.

Creative Direction: Tanja Bombach
Choreography: Michael-John Harper
Sound Designer: Mikk Madisson
Video: Nikolas Kasinos & Jeremy Carne (Ouroboros)

Dancers: Lukas Städtler, Ty Gurfein, Ernst Van Hoek, Daniel Schubert, Jules Boutet, Peer Liening, Stephan Quincy, Jessica Comis

Production Director: Troels Primdahl
Graphic Design: Matthias Neumann